Is your blog screaming to you “Me, Myself and I” each time you log in?.  What do I mean by this?  Simply put, you have a killer blog with great content but zero traffic and no one is commenting.  No matter how flashy and good looking your blog is, if you do not have organic traffic, then all your effort is useless. Ouch!! That hurts!.

If you want to improve your web site traffic, you need to check out what other bloggers are doing.  Well, you can get excited because I am going to share with you about an Online Community that will help boost your blog’s traffic and comments.   I wish I had discovered this community when I first got started online. They truly help transform your blog into a real social community.

I joined TSA  (Tribe Syndication Association) about a month ago and this is how it all started.  A month and half ago as of the date I write this post, I was setting up this blog that you are reading now (don’t let the content date fool you) they were transferred from another blog so I left the original dates on.  I was talking on skype  with a good friend of mine who is very good with internet marketing and blogging.  I mentioned to her that I was setting up a new blog.

My friend then proceeded to tell me how I could improve web site traffic using this community called TSA.  She shared with me how she had improved her blog’s traffic by simply joining the community.  Of course like any blogger who jump up and down by just the mention of “more free blog traffic” or anything to do with “Improved Web Site Traffic” I was absolutely excited and willing to look at it.

Well, I can proudly tell you that I am so glad I did because I have seen the results and “The Power of Syndication”.  So, how does Tribe Syndication Association work?  I am glad you asked.  TSA uses three steps to syndication which I am going to briefly explain.

TSA (Tribe Syndication Association) 3 Steps to Syndication That Will Improve Your Blog’s Traffic

    1. Connect:  You make a connection with other TSA members inside the community.  There are several ways you can connect with members. You will be able to connect with them not just inside the community, but other social media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, and skype.  This is the beginning of forming long term relationship with like minded people.  You will have access to all the member’s social media sites once you are inside the community.
    2.  Comment:  Once you connect with the members via different platforms the next step is commenting.  You comment on their blogs and you get a lot of other people commenting on your blog too.
    3.  Sharing:  Once people comment on your blog, they also share your posts or blog via several social media and you do the same for others.  This helps to create syndication of your blog’s content to hundreds and thousands of people.  This step helps in creating good backlinks to your blog which in turn drive not just traffic from those other blogs but from search engines.

What Makes TSA Stands Out From Other Syndication Systems?

The one thing I love about TSA members is that you honestly can tell them from a distant.  Why do I say that? In most cases I am able to tell if someone is in TSA or not by just reading  a comment on either my own blog or others.

Unlike some syndication systems that I have seen out there, TSA members take the time to read your entire post.  This way when they comment on your blog, they don’t just write one line or two words “Great post” or “This is a great article”. They actually take the time to write a good comment based on what they have read.  They even build up to your post on their comments which adds more value.  When people make great comments, not only does it help your blog but all the blog’s listed or linking to your site.

A lot of people like to teach about offering value to attract people but they forget to practice what they preach when it comes to making comments on other’s blogs. When I visit other people’s blogs, I personally don’t follow comment luv links if I don’t see any value offered by the person commenting.  On the other hand, when I visit a blog and I see a great comment I am always tempted to follow those that have taken the time to read that person’s blog post and have offered some good value in their feedback to the blog post author or owner.

Now, I can appreciate having a group of people that take the time to read my a blog post and not just leaving a line saying the post is great without reading.  A lot of people will do this just so they get a backlink or a commentluv link to their site.  If you want to add value in your blog’s comment section, then I suggest you check out TSA Community members.  They are experts in writing great comments which adds up to your overall content value.

Another thing that differentiate TSA from other Syndication tribes, is that TSA is a FREE Community.  Should you decide to upgrade your membership so your information is listed on the TSA Community Syndication Directory, you ONLY pay $19.95 ONE time membership fee.  No, that was not a typo, I said one time membership fee. Most syndication communities will charge you that same amount or more on a monthly basis.  Now, in my house, we can blow up $19 on a Friday night with just a phone call to Pizza Hut. If I could borrow one line from Fox News, that would be “I Report, You Decide”

Another trend I have seen with TSA members is they all have their gravator set.  So, when they leave a comment on your blog, both you and your blog’s visitors can put a face to the comment.  Don’t we love profiles that have real faces on all social media sites?  Remember your blog is a social site too and it does help to have real people showing their faces on your blog.

Improve Website Traffic


Last but not least TSA is run by a great team of people.  I could never have asked for a better team and support system than these 4 cool guys.  Thanks to Dave, Dawn, Gavin and Kimberly.  Don’t you just love them?

Well there you got it, if you want to improve your web site traffic, then Click Here Right Now and join other like minded people within the TSA Community.  In just a couple of weeks you will see total transformation in your blog.

If you chose to not take action, that is fine just don’t complain about not having blog’s traffic or having a ghost blog that has no real comments or human interaction.